Welcome to Blog Maker Corporation’s blog/website. As you can see, crafting an image through the use of visuals and words is essential to your company’s success in today’s world. Social media is not just a buzz word, but an essential communication thread that will strengthen your business’s or organization’s presence.

Our founder, Gail Fons, is a veteran journalist who has written for newspapers and magazines for more than 30 years. Before the advent of social media, Gail’s business, Imagic Productions Inc., was on the cutting edge of soft marketing to customers. Imagic Productions Inc., specialized in creating customized newsletters (yes in printed/paper format!) for clients as a means of generating customer/client contact without a hard sell. Our newsletters were very much like blogs in the sense that they cultivated customer loyalty and shared information with the clients without a direct intent to sell anything but customer satisfaction.

Blog Maker picks up on the concept of generation customer loyalty without the hard sales pitch. The exchange of ideas and sharing of information creates a sense of community — your community. Let Blog Maker help your business by contracting with us to develop, write, and maintain your company’s blog. Our seasoned writers will adapt the proper tone and style for your needs. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.


Blog Maker Corporation Founder and President,

Gail Fons

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